Develop Applications And Services
Solutions based on JAVA platform using frameworks like...

  • Java, J2EE, Web, Spring
  • Hibernate, Mysql, Mongodb
  • Struts, Tiles, Bootstrap, JSF
  • Tomcat, Jetty, Jboss servers
Agile process implementation
Incorporate agile practices by implementing...

  • Development standards
  • Continues Integration / automation
  • TDD, BDD, DDD tools and techniques
  • Quality control standards
Implement / Coach on DevOps capability
We can help in...

  • Environment Management
  • Cloud management
  • Delivery pipeline automation
  • Application management
Bespoke solution development
Considering bespoke solution development? We will...

  • Identify your requirements
  • Provide an unbiased solution design
  • Commit to quality
  • Commit to open standards
Latest News
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