General Blog

General Blog
Welcome to the general blog. This blog consists of posts not belonging to other categories in the main blog for software engineering. Software engineering is an art, and if painted using good quality SDLC principles, you can create high quality services for all to use. Software tools and services is normally deployed / installed in a predefined combination of computing / networking devices called an execution environment or environment for short.This normally consists of..
  • Persistent medium storing data in a predefined format (Database)
  • Set of programmed logic for a set of functionality (services)
  • HTML Web site / Mobile App / SMS where the user interacts with the system (UI / Front-end)
At Alacrity / AgileGuru we use...
# Tool
Hosting Kubernetes
Database PostgreSQL / MongDB
Search / Log Management ElasticSearch / Logtash (ELK)
Development Language Java / Javascript / HTML
Server OS Centos Linux
CI / CD Jenkins / SonarQube / Git / Maven / Gradle
Posts in this blog are on..
Developer's portal
For all those interested in developing and reading about technology and agile practices and techniques, we have a new Developer Portal..