To succeed, you need to delegate responsibilities.

We all want to be successful in our careers by doing things that aligns to our passion and interests, don't we?. Some work for personal reasons and some of us work for that feel-good sense of achievement. In an ideal world, everything will be in-place, and we are able to do what we want quickly and be happy. Unfortunately, in the real world things work differently. More often than others, to achieve our targets we need to work as a team, where each person brings a unique set of skills to hit the target.

Perform as a team, there is no I in a team.

Whilst working on our targets and tasks, we are so engraved that we do not pay attention towards others. This especially happens when senior staff do all the interesting stuff and leave the crumbs to others. They then force these crumbs onto junior members and take credit as being part of the leadership team. We all are aware that if you hold the sand too tight, it will slip through. Time and again we see staff not being empowered to complete their work in the name of "process", leave very soon. Reaps and reaps of "process" documents are created that no one reads or follow and has no value add. These "processes" A.K.A "burdens" leads to a feeling of entrapment.

Delegating work is hard but you need to do it.

Entrapment creeps in where one or more person in the team are not given equal opportunities to do challenging work. This is because they are junior or do not have previous experience. Well unless you give them these opportunities where will they get the experience from? They will find it somewhere else within or outside the organization. So if you want to succeed and hit your targets, then start delegating responsibilities to others. We all know how hard it is to let go of things we care about, but at the end you will be happy with the result. Remember there is no one-man-army. You can start delegation by .....

  • Treat your staff the same way you expect to be treated.
  • Take pro-active steps in staff's career goals.
  • Engage and empower staff and don't use "Leadership" to impose authority.
  • Talk to them on a regular basis to see what they need / want.
  • Convey that Process is important but Progress is more important.

The Summary..

Don't use humans as stepping stone for your own career, if they move you will fall and fail. Try to delegate and see the team grow with you. Else, they will grow without you somewhere else. Be a leader, lead by example and lead by delegating to succeed.

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