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Welcome to Infrastructure blog. Infrastructure management is a key aspect of Devops culture. Gone are the days where big expensive servers were used to do all the work. Modern application mostly run on small machines on public cloud like AWS / Google cloud or on private data centers (private cloud) like mine. This methodology ultimately results in using a collection of cheap computing hardware which can be used (and shutdown) on very short notice.

Most modern applications currently use docker provide small self containing services (microservices architecture) on short notice. This has led to new concepts and methodologies like immutable infrastructure / software driven networks / cluster orchestration engine like kubernetes. This enables companies and service providers to bring new ideas and services to customers far far quickly than using traditional methods. These are further automated using techniques like Continues integration / Continues Delivery / Canary Deployments

In this section, you will find posts / articles / tricks on Infrastructure and related topics like ...
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux / Windows / OSX
  • Network / Hosting
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